Sending us a hard copy of your copy count, rather than a phone call, is good business for you and us.  The counter on your copy machine is like the odometer in a car.  It doesn’t lie.  So sending the proof of your copy count only makes sense.


1. Swipe left from the home screen to this page

2. Touch Reports

3. Select Configuration/Staus Page

4. Select Usage page

5. Fax the copy count to 970-867-7109 OR scan and email to



1. Press the “User Tools/Counter” button, usually located on the upper left side of the screen of older machines. Sometimes, it is located next to the number pad on the right side of newer machines.

2. Press “Counter” on the bottom your screen.

3. Press “Print Counter List”

4. Press the “Start” key

5. Press “Exit” on the screen or press the “User Tools/Counter” button to return to the normal screen.

6. Fax the copy count to 970-867-7109 OR scan and email to


1. Press the User Tools icon on the screen

2. Press "Counter" (the third one in the displayed list)

3. Press "Print Counter List."

4. Press "Exit" on the screen.

5. Fax the copy count to 970-867-7109 OR scan and email to



TASKalfa 250ci / 300ci / 400ci / 500ci / 552ci / 2550ci / 3050ci / 3550ci / 4550ci / 5550ci / 6550ci / 7550ci / 3500i / 4500i / 5500i / 6500i / 8000i

control panel
Press the Counter Button
circled in red.
Select the Print Status Page
button and accept.

TASKalfa 205c / 255c /
255 / 305 / FS-3540MFP / FS-3640MFP / FS-C2526MFP / FS-C2626MFP / FS-6525MFP / FS-6530MFP
Press "System Menu / Counter" button. Press "Report". Press "Report Print". Press "Status Page". Press "Yes". The Status Page will print. Look for Counters in the right column just over 1/2 way down, then follow it down 4 lines to Total. The total page output is just to the right of the Total. Note don't use the Total at the bottom of the page, that is for scanned pages.