Resetting SC Codes 501, 502, 503, 504

This error message indicates that there is a Lift Motor malfunction in one of the trays. The tray number is indicated by the error number: 501 is Tray 1, 502 is Tray 2, and so on. The tray with the error is also indicated by a wrench icon.

To fix it, here’s what you should do:

First, start by removing the paper. Close the drawer. Open the drawer.  Insert paper so the edges are even with no paper sticking out beyond the paper frame.  Shut the drawer.  Turn off the machine and restart after 15 seconds.  If the code returns do the following:

1.        Open the tray to its full extent

2.        Lift the front of the tray up to release it from the machine

3.        Remove the tray completely and place it on a level surface

4.        Check for jammed paper on the right side of the paper tray recess – remove misfed paper carefully to avoid leaving any fragments in the machine

5.        Return the tray to the machine and close it

6.        Switch off the machine at the red power switch

7.        Wait for 15 seconds then switch the machine back on again

8.        If the display continues to show the service code, please call us at